General Agreement Form

Therapy Agreement

Therapy Agreement:
The therapy contract is between you and your therapist. Please read through this carefully as it provides information about the practical side of coming to therapy. Upon your signature (or by attending the sessions), the document will constitute a binding agreement between you and your practitioner.

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Medical History Form

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Form of Consent Policy

I confirm that I requested treatment from Sharon Joanne Bland.
I am aware that no promises of cure have been made, and no medical diagnosis will not be given.
I am aware that all Alternative Therapies are a contribution to the medical profession.
I will create a welcoming and comfortable safe space for you in which you can feel free to explore the gift of you.
During our sessions together they are solely private between you and I, however if you or somebody else is compromised and I feel I need to discuss anything with another professional then I will discuss this with you if I need to.
Either parties are free to terminate or alter this agreement at any time.
Block bookings of Healing/therapy sessions will be taken on a weekly or fortnight basis and is payable upfront in cash ,PayPal or bank transfer.