Trance Channeling Communication

International Spiritual Trance Medium
Mediums through training developed a natural psychic ability to communicate with loved ones through their heightened senses who have previously passed over.
The purpose of an evidential sitting is to provide evidence of survival for loved ones, bring forth re-assurance, peace and messages of love, to explore and receive wisdom of the universe and the truth of infinite cycle of life, to give guidance in personal and spiritual life direction.
It is not for a medium to tell you how to live your life or predict your future. Your life is your creation therefore your responsibility and self power.
The main three types of Mediumship are mental , physical and healing depending on the medium  faculty strength of communication with spirit as they will use whatever means is easiest to communicate to the living with their knowledge, wisdom and love.

Trance Channeling Communication
Trance Mental mediumship enable the Spirit to mind to mind blend with the medium in a trance controlled state to use the faculty of the voice box to speak through the medium, or to be able to move the body, walk or to use the tool of the body for writing.
The medium will perceive impressions from spirit who communicating through their senses either subjectively or objectively whether through seeing, hearing,feelings, impressions of pictures.

Trance Channeling Healing
The medium channels with their spirit guides, or spirit surgeons by using a gentle controlled level of consciousness trance state. Trance healing comes from spirit guides / surgeons through the medium auric field. The medium channels this energy using their hands, by allowing spirit to blend with me they would also blend energy to energy with the client that’s present, emanating healing through the etheric field into the physical body. Together we manipulate energy to help your body by aligning it. When the etheric bodies change so does the physical body.
Although no healer can guarantee results, as the healing will go where it is most required and is preformed from the spirit world. Whether it’s on an emotional, physical, mental, and spiritually. Many people have successfully benefited.

Their are Four levels: Beta/Alpha/Theta & Delta. These have been scientifically been proven through the EGG Machines.As you lie on your front on the massage couch the spirit guides/ surgeons and medium work gently through an altered state of trance, blended energies through the chakras and nerves that run along the spine. This way the energy goes wherever it is needed. Spiritual Trance Healing is a graceful form of therapy that brings an instant sense of peace and relaxation.

“Intuitive with your gifts & talents,
connection & awareness.”

* Alleviate suffering
* Eased a passing
* Miracle effect a cure or illness
* Greater sense of peace, calmness
* Closer to their own spirit guides and friends
* Touched to their own core and being
* Sense of enlightenment
* Ease in life

Session Time 
40 mins


1235 Divi Theme St.
San Francisco, CA 92335


Mobile: 00971506847410


Mobile: 00971506847410