Access Consciousness Verbal Processing

Access Consciousness verbal processes is a set of pragmatic tools and processes that allow you to unlock and release the psychological point of view or beliefs that is keeping you stuck. by quickly and easily going back to the point where we decided something to be a certain way or have made conclusions around certain areas of your life, Whether it’s something we bought as our own, hiding / refusing to show up in the world , beliefs around money, happiness, career , and relationships to name a few. By being in the question, following and changing the energy in different aspects of your life in ways you haven’t thought was possible before.

What Happens in an Access Consciousness Verbal Processing Session?
We begin the session with asking questions about what you would like to change in this session, I accurately listen to what you are saying as well as following the energy behind the words sensing where the energy is ‘stuck’, and ask questions that enables the energy to shift rapidly which creates more ease and freedom in that particular area. The change can happen really fast, 30 minutes of clearing may be sufficient enough to clear a certain aspect of your life. Although if you looking to clear many areas and have a stuck and fixed point of view and conclusions, then an hour session may be more in depth and beneficial. For a one on one session in person I find verbal processes combined with Access Bars, Body Processes session creates a profound and dynamic shifts.

“Create possibilities,
be you,

move forward freely.”


* Feeling Energetic Jails / Stuck in any aspect of your life
* Financial Situation
* Relationships
* Creating more ease in the Body
* Moving Forward Freely
* Creating more Possibilities
* Health

How can you book a session? 
Verbal processing sessions on their own are either by Zoom ,
Skype or PhoneContact by phone or email for appointment bookings and payment

Course Duration 
For 30 minutes or 60 minutes.


1235 Divi Theme St.
San Francisco, CA 92335


Mobile: 00971506847410


Mobile: 00971506847410