3. Access Consciousness
Body Processes

Access Consciousness body process is a hands on – the – body method that gently uses different hand positions on the body which you run specific energy processes to be activated which invites the body to create a more expansive way of being, improving the function of organs and body systems, unlocks the tension , resistance and dis-ease of the body by shifting the energy dynamically which assist with the repairing and longevity and facilitate the body back into its original functions. By Hands-On Body Processes with the Access Consciousness Verbal Processing we have seen changes in the bodies capacity and consciousness that previously thought was impossible, and creating way more potency and fun with your body.

“Unlock tension,
& connect with
your body

What happens in a hands on body process session?
You would lie down comfortably on a massage table fully clothed and depending on the process required this may be carried out either face down, on your back or on your side. At the beginning of each session I would ask some questions of your session request, then by connecting with the body and intuitively asking which body Process does it require that would contribute to you the most.
I then gently place my hands on your body, either in different hand position along the body or left in the same place while the specific Process is being ran.
The Processes can be extremely nurturing to the body creating so much space and ease where they feel deeply relaxed while the healing takes place.

Types of Body Processes 
There are many many processes that the body can choose from here are some examples of the processes:
* Boost the immune system
* Regeneration of Organs
* Loosing Weight
* Communion With Mother Earth
* Correcting Vision/ hearing
* More ease
* Energetic Facelift / Reversing the effects of aging
* Release of calcification in the body
* Being in tune with your body and listening to it’s subtle language

Session Time 
Hands-On Body Processes with the Access Consciousness Verbal Processing we have seen changes in bodies previously thought impossible.
Access Body process sessions last for 90 minutes in person

Class Info

The 4 -8 hour body class is an invitation to create more ease, nurturing, greater health and well-being, By Tapping into the capacity and consciousness of your body creates more potency and fun with your body. Bringing it back into its original state.

*For any particular request please contact and we can arrange a class on that specific subject.

Course Duration
One -two Body Process Class
4 -8 hours
No prerequisites Required

Registration – 9.30am
First Process 10am – 12.30pm
Lunch 12.30 – 1.30pm
Second Process – 1.30pm – 4.30pm



Light snacks and tea and coffee provided

Course Cost
50% non refundable deposit paid before class
£80 one process
£150 two processes
400 AED for one process and 800 AED for two

What do I provide?
1. Certificate
2. Manual provided with full of information to assist you

Please note: Email your full name beforehand so certifications will be ready on day of course.


1235 Divi Theme St.
San Francisco, CA 92335


Mobile: 00971506847410


Mobile: 00971506847410