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Brazilian QOD Luxury Keratin
Brazilian Keratin products have been leading the world for over a decade, with their unique expertise innovation formulas which uniquely stands out with the highest of quality by offering as a luxurious high end treatment hair transformations.
QOD GOLD focuses their attention on the technology and advanced scientific approach by using 24-karat gold nano-particles which processing them into the smallest of nano-particles.This is a 11-stage process which the ratio of potentially harmful chemicals are Low in the keratin formulas which potently refines and concentrates ingredients that allows the gold itself to permeate the hair where it can synthesize effectively with the rest of the formula, creating and transforming a long lasting level of conditioning to the hair to an incredibly healthy, shiny, smooth manageable naturally straight state. Unlike other straightening techniques
QOD GOLD is a “semi-permanent” volume reducer which replenishes the condition of the hair without damaging the cuticle or changing its molecular structure. The hair volume slowly returns over a period of time.

* Does Not Damage or Alter Molecule Structure
* Formaldehyde Free
* Natural Ingredients such as Keratin and 15 Amino Acids
* Repairs Damaged and Strengthens Hair
* Leaves Hair Revitalised and Rejuvenated
* De-Frizzes and Smooths Hair
* Makes Hair Easier to Manage
* Reduces Volume and Curls
* Helps Hair Growth, Feel and Look Healthy
* Gives Hair a Great Shine
* Can be applied to ALL Hair Types
* Little to Zero Fumes
* Lasts up to 16 Weeks

About Formaldehyde
There is a great deal of confusion on the market that claims to be “formaldehyde free.” Although this may be correct, however they are likely to contain other similar ingredients like “aldehydes,” which have the potency character of formaldehyde where once heated the compounds are broken down into a raw form and unrefined formaldehyde substance. QOD’s Brazilian Keratin have invested ten years of research in a patented process that mimics the effects of formaldehyde that is accepted by the FDA.
If a product is completely without formaldehyde or chemicals the effectiveness will most likely last only until the next washing otherwise this is not a Brazilian Keratin Treatment. Unlike formaldehyde-based keratin treatments, QOD’s Brazilian Keratin products do not contain industrially manufactured raw formaldehyde, and as there is a lot of confusion on the market and far too much false advertising – regarding formaldehyde. QOD keratin product still chooses to Not advertise or market as “formaldehyde free” product as this is a marketing gimmick can be misleading and potentially be harmful and to the market.

* Only licensed hair professionals should be handling and treating hair that has significant potency formula that lasts several weeks. With their knowledge and safety protocols. A professional Salon Product

“Hair Growth,
great shine,

for all hair types.”

Time Taken and AfterCare Advice
Depending on length and thickness of hair can take anything from 2-4 hours to do
Leave in for up to 72 hours before washing
Advise to use sulphate free hair care products

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Mobile: 00971506847410