Access Consciousness Bars

Do you remember the last time you really nurtured and cared for you, the beautiful gift YOU ARE!!
The bars has helped thousands of people transform their lives where they felt they were unable to up till now,to feel relaxed and receive the kindness without judgement to your body and being.

Access Consciousness
Body Processes

Access Consciousness body process is a hands on – the – body method that gently uses different hand positions on the body which you run specific energy processes to be activated which invites the body to create a more expansive way of being, improving the function of organs and body systems, unlocks the tension , resistance and dis-ease of the body by shifting the energy dynamically which assist with the repairing and longevity and facilitate the body back into its original functions. 

  • Practical
  • Comfort
  • Relaxation
  • Unlocks Tension

Access Consciousness Verbal Processes

Access Consciousness verbal processes is a set of pragmatic tools and processes that allow you to unlock and release the psychological point of view or beliefs that is keeping you stuck. by quickly and easily going back to the point where we decided something to be a certain way or have made conclusions around certain areas of your life.

Energetic Facelift Workshop

During this ONE DAY Energetic Facelift workshop you will learn this body delicious and dynamic process so you can have less wrinkles, a more radiant youthful appearance and inner glow. Learn and access this energetic process that contains over 28 different energy frequencies to blast the body and face into creating something greater. 


Dr Makao Usui structured the Reiki healing system into threefold four levels of learning. Each degree allows the participants to develop in their own self journey and learnings in becoming a practitioner and Master/Teacher. Anyone can receive training in Reiki, regardless of their spiritual or religious beliefs. I facilitate internationally and adapt to different cultures and belief systems.

4 courses available!

Misc. Workshops

Access Eye Correction

Access Hearing Process



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