Transpersonal Regression Therapy Agreement

Form of Consent Policy

I have been made aware by Sharon and has explained to me on my first visit that during a transpersonal regression session if it is required during my session to clear trauma out of the body and memory cells there are times when the body is touched in a professional manner as discussed. 
It can take up to 10 days for the new energies to settle into my system. 

I confirm that I requested treatment from Sharon Joanne Bland.
I am aware that no promises of cure have been made, and no medical diagnosis will not be given.
I am aware that all Alternative Therapies are a contribution to the medical profession.
I will create a welcoming and comfortable safe space for you in which you can feel free to explore the gift of you.
During our sessions together they are solely private and confidential between you and I, however if you or somebody else is compromised and I feel I need to discuss anything with another professional then I will discuss this with you if I need to.
Either parties are free to terminate or alter this agreement at any time.
Block bookings of Healing/therapy sessions will be taken on a weekly or fortnight basis and is payable upfront in cash ,PayPal or bank transfer.

13 + 12 =

Medical History Form

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Client Agreement

1. I solely take responsibility for my own life and experiences that I have created.  I create my life to the best of my ability in the moment, with the knowledge I know right now.
2. I will be an active participant in my transpersonal regression/ hypnotherapy therapy experience and journey to reach my goals and potential. I see myself as a mutual partner in the transformative nature of this process.
3. I recognise and acknowledge that my wellbeing depends directly on how well I care for myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and that my thoughts, feelings, reactions and actions have a direct effect on the quality of my life and this is my responsibility.
4. I Accept that blaming others or myself is totally futile.
5. I agree to honour myself and be commitment to my therapy and self discovery and evolvement.
6.  I prioritise the attendance of our sessions, I will contact if for any given reason I’m running late and I am aware that if I’m very late it is not always possible to extend the length of our session.
7. Please give 48 hour notice should I need to cancel or reschedule.
8. All block booking sessions are to be taken within a three month time frame.

Cancellation Policy & Contact

Cancellation or missed appointments require 48 hours notice and without a 48 hour notice will be chargeable at 50% of treatment and payable on next time we meet. Less than 24 hours notice I reserve the right to charge full price for treatment.
You will not be charged for appointments missed due to illness provided you give me at least 24 hours’ notice.  
In the event of a serious accident, emergency, or other similar situation outside your control, please deal with your situation first and notify me at the earliest convenient time, or I will follow up with you typically within 24 to 48 hours of the missed appointment.

You understand and acknowledge the policies detailed in the patient contract and we have discussed and clarified any questions you may have about this document.

I can be contacted to arrange sessions by
email –
Whatsapp – 00971506847410
U.K. Mobile 07783776058
Evenings and weekends I will get back to you as soon as possible.


My commitment to you:
I will use my expertise and knowledge to facilitate the changes that we have mutually agreed upon to be for your highest good and in the shortest time possible.